DR-5 INS (Instrument Definition File) for Cakewalk

This is a newly created DR-5 Instrument Definition File for Cakewalk. It is a more detailed INS File than the others I've found, simply because it is easier to use. The file also allows you to see the drums in the left window of Cakewalks Piano Roll View, but only for the preset kits. Why, you may ask? Because it is impossible to predict what drums each of you might assign to the Note Numbers of the User Kits. It is possible to make an INS for the User Kits, based on an individuals settings, but not convenient, as one would most likely change these kits, eliminating the usefulness of the file. I've spent a lot of time on this puppy, so drop me a line and tell me how it works for you, or if you have any questions. Included with the download are instructions for installation and use. It's in .zip format, so if you don't have an unzipping program like WinZip, you'll need one.

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Dr-5/Cakewalk Mini Manual

I have tried to make this as helpful as possible. It's easy to understand and I believe it will answer a lot of common questions most beginner Cakewalk/Dr5 users have. This manual is by no means finished. There are a multitude of things that can be done within Cakewalk to help the DR-5 exceed it's tiny shell. I hope that all of you experimenting with the Dr 5 will find yourselves utilizing other hardware, Softsynths, Samplers, & Audio Editing Software in the future. Why? because the DR-5, as neat as it may seem, is an almost obsolete machine. It's abilities are limited compared to today's technology (and was limited even when it first appeared in 1994). That said, I believe it is still a great learning tool for the beginner. The DR-5 mimics the sounds of some classic drum machines like the Roland TR-808 & TR-909 (of dance & Hip Hop fame), and I've found a lot of the drums sounds to be reminiscent of some Alesis drum modules, as well as earlier Dr. Rhythm machines & beyond.

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John O'Lavery 2000